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FOUNDER, MARI (FIX) MACEWEN / Mac Eoghain / Ewing  - Owner of "LIVING CEREMONY" ™ is a member of the Scottish Bard Clan MacEwen / Clan Ewing. She is grandaughter of Beatrice Ewing and Cousin to John Thor Ewing, the head of the Ewing Scottish Clan. She has spent years studying with 3 medicine lineages / one Mongolian, and has been an active member of Danza Azteca Cuauhte'moc under Pastel Mirales. She studied pipe and sweat lodge Protocol for 2 years under Apache Roadsman / Medicine Man Mark Montijo, and has additionally studied Modern Wicca.  A direct Apprentice of Taoist Master Sifu Ching Fung Dao Shr since 2008 and accredited since 2010, Mari facilitates the practices of the Kunlun System ®,  from the lineage of Wudang Cha Shing Mountain Taoists.

She has been working with Sacred Sound & Healing for 25 + years. Originally gifted a spontaneous form of movement meditation that came to her after attending a traditional indigenous "ghost dance" in 1992, she plunged into her own in-depth internal study of these mysteries, and her own moon cycle following a spontaneous Kundalini awakening.  She spent many years developing a relationship to this work in private. Then she encountered Tibetan Buddhist Master Yuan Miao who told her that she was "cut from the same cloth" as herself when they discussed this spontaneous movement mediation and Mari's sacred sound work. Miao indicated that Mari's spontaneous movement mediation was a high Tibetan Buddhist practice. When Mari met Ching Fung Dao Shr eleven years later, she realized that his form was one of the forms she had been developing on her own for years.

Mari has also studied Total Body Modification and apprenticed with a world renowned energy healing master for over 9 years, serving as his medical intuitive. She also apprenticed for 14 years with Sound Healer Kabbalah Bach, and obtained her Certification in Sound Healing in 1992.  Further she has studied with Taoist Master, Sifu Jenny Lamb, Tibetan Master Geshe Gyeltsen, Taoist master and Kahuna, Shen Ballesteros; and is a level 3 Matrix Energetics Graduate, & practitioner of Realized Teacher B. Prior's, "The Form."  In 2008, she had a Spiritual Awakening and is currently grounding and deepening the embodiment of that awakening.

She holds Certificates of Accomplishment in Mindfulness Meditation from the University of Leiden and Monash University, Curanderismo from the University of New Mexico, Stonehenge from the University of Buckingham (England), A Global History of Architecture (Ancient Architecture) from MIT, Archeoastronomy "of Stones and Stars" from the University of Politecnico di Milano, Magic and the Middle Ages from the University of Barcelona, Sagas & Space - Viking Age & Medieval Scandinavia from the University of Zurich, Sacred Objects in Religious Life from Hamilton College, Medicine and the Arts from the University of Capetown, Inspiring Leadership through Emotional Intelligence from Case Western University, as well as specializes in body painting, mask making and adornment (CSULB).  She also holds a certificate and is a facilitator of Healing with the Arts, a program from the University of Florida.

TCHISE AJE - Traditional Healer

Tchise Aje is a Ceremonialist, Licensed Massage Therapist, spoken word artist and natural healer.  She has a background in indigenous ways and therapeutic Arts.  She further has an in-depth background in the healing properties of stones, classical astrology, aroma therapy and energy medicine.  She has a degree in Theater from Cal State Long Beach.

MARIO BLACKWOLF - Mario Henry Blackwolf, American Indian Medicine Man of Mechica-Apache heritage, is a Native historian and philosopher, who lives in Rimrock, Arizona. He was involved in the fights for Native Rights and the recognition of tribal lands in the "1970's".  Leaving the "battlefields" behind, he became a lecturer on Native culture and spiritual beliefs, and has appeared on both local and international television giving lectures and interviews. Mario has published several books, writing for the cause of the Native peoples, as well as sharing the experiences of his own life path in hopes of providing both understanding and awareness. He also writes for those who seek historical and spiritual information on the Native American Indian of today. Mario Henry Blackwolf is looked upon as an advisor in both spiritual customs and native plant understanding, and is a teller of traditional stories. Many have sought his counsel on spiritual matters throughout the years.

Mario also lectures on tribal traditions and the lives of the men in the American Indian cultures, as well as the male aspect of American Indian spiritual traditions.  The differences between the Native World and the Western Culture regarding the understanding of rites and rituals, their sense and purpose, along with stories of male spiritual beings in American Indian truth like Ching'ishnish and Matutuk of the Californian tribes, as well as the Peacemaker of the Iroquois and Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs are highlighted.  In the context of "Medicine of the Earth" he also discusses in-depth psychological conditions, that come from a spiritual consequence of fighting and war.  He has also provided rites of passage ceremonies for male and female youth as well as conducted a "feather talk" program for young women in the Arizona School District to highlight respect, healing and empowerment.
LUIS PEREZ XIONEZTLI - Medicine Person, Luis Perez Ixoneztli, born in Mexico City on July 11, 1951, has dedicated his life to the study of Pre-Columbian musical instruments and the research of the living musical traditions among the ethnic groups of Mexico. He has a collection of over 700 native instruments from Mexico including replicas and archaeological artifacts, some dating more than 3,000 years old. Perez traveled all over the countryside of Mexico in order to study the indigenous cultures. He has lived with several ethnic groups among them the Nahua where he learned to speak Nahuatl the ancient language spoken by many groups including the Aztecs. His educational involvement includes the "Programa Nacional de Castellanizacion" a national program designed to teach Spanish to ethnic groups in Mexico, sponsored by the ministry of education. Perez has collaborated with artists ranging from Kitaro to Jackson Browne to Hans Zimmer to Yes frontman Jon Anderson.

"Now we know from what we have found that, for example, that musical instruments were buried with musicians to travel with them into the afterlife, and there were many such discoveries, indicating a rich cultural heritage that valued the arts. A person had to study for years in order to be a member of the professional musician class. Each month was dedicated to a different god, and each had their own songs and dances. Music accompanied all aspects of life, and it was a metaphysical force that would bring the community together. Songs and poetry were used to teach history, to help the children retain the lessons in their memory. The Aztecs regarded flowers and songs as the two most beautiful things in the world. The flower represented the heart and songs were the way to open the heart. Dance was regarded as the earthly manifestation of the movements of the stars. Common people played music too, and much of the music of both the elite musicians and the common people was improvised rather than written down.
Ayo Adeyemi - Ayo was born and raised in Nigeria where he was initiated as a babalawo in the indigenous Yoruba religion, Ifa. He has been drumming, singing and dancing since he was a child. In the 1980s, Ayo, whose name means "happy", came to America where he lived and toured with renowned Yoruba master drummer Babatunde Olatunji for eight years. In the 1990s, Ayo was proprietor of Yoruba House in West Los Angeles. Today, he is touring in order to offer his music and teachings to a wider audience.

Ayo says, "If you can talk, you can sing. If you can walk, you can dance." In the indigenous Yoruba religion, drumming, singing and dancing are considered forms of prayer. Songs and rhythms honor various Orishas, gods and goddesses who embody natural forces and assist the one Creator.

To Ayo, music is both a spiritual practice and a powerful form of healing. He says, "Rhythm is healing. Drumming is advanced meditation where your body speaks to your spirit. That's why once you start drumming, it's difficult to stop." — from http://remo.com/portal/artists/4855/Ayo_Adeyemi.html

Ayo is a spiritual priest of Ifa. Ifa is one of the oldest and most sacred religions of mankind. It most closely resembles Native American spiritual Practice including chanting, drumming, and dancing. Ayo was named Ayodele, which means my joy, has reached home. But later he was called just Ayo or JOY. Anyone who has had the privilege of being in his Presence will testify to the joyous and loving space he creates. Ayo is an amazing performer formerly of Baba Olatunje Drum's of Passion he performs individually or with his group and dancers.
Ayo's Training began in childhood to become a babalawo. This includes training in drumming, rituals, etc. He also underwent sacred initiations which opened his third eye. Ayo established his own place of worship called the Yoruba House in Los Angeles where he taught drumming, performed ritualistic ceremonies and also provided healing services for individuals.

BLUE FLUTEMAN - Blue is the only one of three generations of Apache relations to revive and carry on the ancestral tradition of Song Catcher. Inspired by a vision dream in answer to a prayer. His music inspires, comforts and uplifts audiences of all ages throughout the United States, Asia and Europe.

He was featured on nationwide TV in both "ABC7 Salutes" and in a KCSM Public Television piece titled "A Blue Moment".

Blue's work crosses barriers and penetrates the heart and spirit in unprecedented ways. In addition to his professional career, he is a dedicated volunteer in service to his community. He has been instrumental in bringing programs into prisons, drug rehabilitation centers and centers for severely emotionally disturbed children and youth.

ESTEBAN ESTRADA (FLORES) - Is a Full Blooded Tepeh'uan Indian from the Providence of Durango Mexico (Tepehua de Pisa Flores).  Tepeh'uan means Mountain Dweller. A member of Danza Azteca Cuauhte'moc, Esteban served as a Azteca Dance Leader for youth in the Watts Area in Los Angeles. Esteban is a Cultural Mentor and a Guide for Youth discovering their roots and integrating Indigenous Knowledge and Practices.  Esteban also has years of experience as a radio host and his passion is bringing different indigenous cultures together to recognize our common ground, to form alliances for the preservation of the enviornment as well as to honor our traditional Earth and Knowledge ways.

DAVID TARIN - David Tarin is of Shoshone and Jewish Heritage.  Founder and co-creator of the Soul Evolution workshops with Mari, he is a Matrix Energetics Master Teacher (one of only a few), as defined by Dr. Richard Bartlet, head of Matrix Energetics. David served as one of the main Matrix facilitators for years in Richard's workshops.  He also has a background in Massage and the healing arts.  He is quite intuitive and has the ability to open the participant energetically to the limitless possibilities & potential in their being, changing ones reference of reality. 

I can not say enough about David's work and it's potential to shift you.  It is truly awe inspiring.                                     Mari                 

ESTEBAN AYOTL -Medicine Person, Esteban "Ayotl"  is a caretaker of a medicine ways lineage.  His grandmother, Conception was a Medicine Woman / Curandera from the P'urhepecha clan or later what was referred to as the Tarascan clan in Michoaca'n, located on the outskirts of Guadalajara in the city of Piedad.  Esteban also studied with a Shaman of Mongolian Heritage for 20 years who helped him to further awaken his lineage.  (note: the term "shaman / shamanism" is a Mongolian term, to delineate a Mongolian Medicine Person. Medicine lineages other than Mongolian do not use this term. The term has recently become a modern "catch phrase" for delineating a person that works medicine ways, but this use of the term is inaccurate. Further, a true shaman has survived a formal death and has come back to the world to bridge that gateway).

Esteban has a background in healing percussion, Mongolian - shamanic & traditional drum and flute making, and traditional sweat lodge.  He is a graduate of level 3 Matrix Energetics, and is a direct Apprentice of Taoist Master Ching Fung Dao Shr, and Nigerian Talking Drum Master, Francis Awe.  He and Mari also stand as ambassadors of the Way of the Elementals and "Fairy".

FELICIA RONDEAU - Indonesian Medicine Person, Trance Dancer, and World Traveler.  Felicia is an Apprentice of the Kunlun System ®, and a Practitioner of Dahn Yoga.  Facilitating Kunlun Workshops for over 4 years, as well as serving as a Ecstatic Dance Leader in Dance and Drum Circles in Southern California and throughout the world, Felicia has traveled and shared her knowledge in the US,Siberia, Bali, Malaysia, Indonesia, Italy, Armenia, and Turkey.

Associate Elders
Jadquelina Garcia Rojas (Peru) Inka;
Meset Chiriap (Ecuador) Shuar; 

Maestro Hermano Vidal (Peru) Inka;
Thor Ewing, Clan Leader of Ewing Scottish Clan (Wales) Celt